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Capfun, camping holidays in France

Here is the list of French camping holidays in Lorraine

Holiday Park Tensch Jolie

Lorraine - Moselle
Holiday Park Tensch Jolie, Holiday Park Lorraine

Resort Tip Top TV
£ 700,00 per week
Holiday Park Mirabelle

Lorraine - Moselle
Holiday Park Mirabelle, Holiday Park Lorraine

Club 5 persons
£ 239,47 per week

In the heart of the Moselle department in the East of France. Only 15.5 miles (25km) from Metz and the Belgian border, and 18.6 miles (30km) from the German border.

Holiday Park Palais de Gaufrette

Lorraine - Moselle
Holiday Park Palais de Gaufrette, Holiday Park Lorraine

Mini Habana duo Top TV Placette 3 Person(s)
£ 264,04 per week

Located just 20 minutes from Germany

Holiday Park Etang de la Mutche

Lorraine - Moselle
Holiday Park Etang de la Mutche, Holiday Park Lorraine

Kids Top TV 5
£ 350,00 per week

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