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The department savoie
Savoie is a French region that has a lot to offer visitors. With majestic mountains, crystal-clear lakes, and picturesque villages, Savoie is a perfect vacation destination for nature lovers and enthusiasts of history and culture. If you're looking to spend a memorable vacation in Savoie, here are the top five places not to miss, all located within 30 minutes of Camping Saint Colomban in Saint Colomban des Villards.

Les Aiguilles d'Arves: located in the Arves massif, Les Aiguilles d'Arves are a remarkable natural site, offering breathtaking landscapes. In the summer, you can enjoy hiking or mountain biking to explore this beautiful region. Les Aiguilles d'Arves are also an exceptional skiing destination in the winter.

The ski resort of Saint François Longchamp is the perfect place for winter sports enthusiasts. With its 165 kilometers of alpine skiing slopes, Saint François Longchamp offers exceptional skiing conditions for all levels. This ski resort is also the starting point for many ski touring routes in the Lauzière massif.

Lake Bourget is the largest natural lake in France and offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. In the summer, you can enjoy swimming, sailing, or fishing. The lake is also a place for strolling and relaxation.

The Bastille Fort, located in Grenoble less than an hour's drive from Camping Saint Colomban, is a historic fortress overlooking the city. The panoramic view of the surrounding mountains is breathtaking, and visiting the fort is a unique opportunity to discover the military history of the region.

Saint Jean de Maurienne is a charming small town that offers a glimpse of traditional Savoyard life. Walk along the cobblestone streets, visit the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Cathedral, and discover local museums. Saint Jean de Maurienne is also known for its handicrafts, especially pottery and textiles.

Speaking of Savoyard cuisine, the region is famous for its cheeses, including Beaufort, Abondance, and Reblochon. You can also taste the Savoyard fondue, gratin dauphinois, diots (local sausages), and génépi, a liqueur made from mountain herbs. The fresh scents of alpine meadows, coniferous forests, and pastures will envelop you, transporting you to another world

Here is the list of our holiday parks in Savoie

Holiday Park Saint Colomban

Rhone Alpes - Savoie
Holiday Park Saint Colomban, Holiday Park Rhone Alpes

Chalet 6 persons
£ 276,32 per week

In Maurienne Valley, Saint Colomban des Villards offers a traditional resort in unspoiled surroundings. A natural setting and traditional charm.

Holiday Park Alpes Lodges

Rhone Alpes - Savoie
Holiday Park Alpes Lodges, Holiday Park Rhone Alpes

Chal'Igloo 2 Person(s)
£ 307,02 per week

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