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The department jura

The Jura, a region not to be missed during your vacation in France! Located near the Capfun Pergola campsite in Marigny and Fuvettes in Malbuisson, it offers a beautiful natural setting and a multitude of activities for the whole family. Here are the five most beautiful places to visit in this region and the culinary specialties that await you.

The first place to visit is Lake Saint-Point, located less than 10 minutes by car from Camping Fuvettes. This crystal-clear body of water offers a magnificent view of the Jura Mountains and is perfect for water activities such as swimming, canoeing, pedal boating, or fishing.

The second place is the town of Pontarlier, less than 30 minutes by car from Camping Pergola. Known for its absinthe, this town also offers beautiful architecture, a rich history, and interesting museums. You can taste local culinary specialties such as Comté cheese, saucisson, and Jura wine.

The third place to visit is Fort des Rousses, less than 20 minutes by car from Camping Pergola. This fortress dating from the 18th century offers an impressive view of the region and a dive into the history of the area.

The fourth place not to be missed is the ski resort of Les Rousses, less than 30 minutes by car from Camping Fuvettes. It is the perfect place for winter sports enthusiasts but also for hikers in the summer. You can taste culinary specialties such as fondue and raclette.

Finally, the fifth place to visit is the Hérisson waterfall, less than 20 minutes by car from Camping Pergola. This spectacular waterfall is surrounded by lush nature and offers a moment of relaxation and calm.

The Jura region also offers a delicious and original cuisine. Among the culinary specialties, we can mention Bresse chicken, frog legs, Morteau sausage, and yellow wine from Jura. These dishes are often accompanied by cheeses from the region, such as Comté, Morbier, and Bleu de Gex. The scents that you can smell in the region are those of fir forests, freshly cut hay, and local culinary specialties emanating from nearby restaurants and farms.

Here is the list of our holiday parks in Jura

Holiday Park Fuvettes

Franche Comté - Jura
Holiday Park Fuvettes, Holiday Park Franche Comté

Lodge Trappeur
£ 227,19 per week

By the Saint Point lake. Enjoy a family holiday in the mountains.

moyenne 8.7 Holiday Park Pergola

Franche Comté - Jura
Holiday Park Pergola, Holiday Park Franche Comté
Mini Habana Duo 3 persons
£ 282,46 per week
4-star rated holiday park, in the Jura department located in the Franche-Comté region of France, on the shores of the Chalain lake, with a swimming pool that is both covered and heated.
Holiday Park Grisière

Franche Comté - Jura
Holiday Park Grisière, Holiday Park Franche Comté

Mini Habana Duo Top Presta 3 Person(s)
£ 202,63 per week

Campsite La Grisière in Clairvaux-les-Lacs offers holidays for the whole family in the heart of the Jura.

Holiday Park Chancia

Franche Comté - Jura
Holiday Park Chancia, Holiday Park Franche Comté

Tent Bivouac 2 Person(s)
£ 159,65 per week
Holiday Park Trelachaume

Franche Comté - Jura
Holiday Park Trelachaume, Holiday Park Franche Comté

Sun TV 4/6 Person(s)
£ 428,95 per week

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