To book your stay

Booking a stay with Capfun implies the acceptance of our general sales conditions and GDPR.
The reservation is confirmed once you receive your password for your personal Clix account.
Personal information such as first name, last name and the age of all guests must be given at the latest upon arrival.
For safety and health reasons (waterpark, possible evacuation of the campsite, etc), minors without adult supervision are not allowed on the campsite. Reservations for introductions or hazing of students are not allowed.
Any modification, in your file or in the reservation, must be notified IN WRITING.
Spanish law requires us to request and keep a copy of a valid identity document (passport or identity card) at our Spanish campsites. This document is requested when making your booking or on the day of arrival.

Terms of payment

For bookings made at least 30 days before arrival, a deposit of 25% of the total amount for your stay and non-refundable booking fees must be paid. The price of the booking fees is between €10 and €30, depending on the campsite and the length of the stay.
The balance must be paid at least 30 days before arrival. The full amount must be paid at the time of booking for reservations made when the arrival date is in less than 30 days.
Any subsequent changes in the VAT rate, which occurred between the time when prices were determined and the billing of the stay will result in a corresponding change in the price including VAT.
The cancellation guarantee is optional and payable at the same time as the down payment. The price of the cancellation guarantee depends on the booked campsite or residence and the length of the stay :

- stays at a residence : €26 for a stay of 5 nights or more and €9 for a stay of 2 to 4 nights

- Stays on a campsite: 3% of the rental price of the accommodation, with a minimum of €9 (for stays of 1 – 4 nights) and €22 (for stays of 5 nights and more).
Our prices include : access to the waterpark, water and electricity (except for camping pitches and monthly rentals), necessary equipment for the number of persons in a mobile home or chalet (except additional persons), 1 car and access to free activities. A maximum of 6 people is allowed on our camping pitches.

Our prices do not include: additional vehicles, persons, tents, pets, trailers and day visitors. Cancellation guarantee, booking fees and participation in tourist and waste tax. Sheets, towels and baby kits can be rented at the campsite.

Reporting problems

Should a problem arise with the accommodation you have rented, you must object ON SITE. All complaints about the inventory, condition or contents of the rented accommodation must be made within 24 hours. The campsite staff will do their utmost to rectify any problems as soon as possible.
If this term has expired, the complaints will no longer be processed and you will be held responsible for any damage or missing parts upon departure. Of course we prefer not to!


A pre-authorization to debit your bank card for €1 will be requested on the day of your arrival.

1. Accommodation deposit :

When you leave, your accommodation or camping pitch must be in the same condition as it was at your arrival. If damage is found on or after your departure, you will be notified and the amount necessary for repairs will be deducted from the deposit.

2. Cleaning deposit:

At the end of the stay, the accommodations must be left clean (floors cleaned, dishes done, blankets folded, garbage taken out, cupboards tidy, kitchen and bathroom/toilet cleaned).
If there is a problem with the accommodation you have rented upon arrival, you must notify the reception within 24 hours. Once this period has expired, any complaints will not be considered.
If the accommodation is not cleaned, we reserve the right to charge cleaning costs and deduct them from the deposit after having notified you.
The amounts per category are as follows:
Deposit €120: basic accommodations (Chalets, Moon, Mini-Habana, Habana, Kim 4 pers, Sun, Studio, Indy, etc).
Deposit €160:
  • Resort
  • Bart
  • Kim 6 pers
  • Bizouquet/Kids 5 pers
  • Lodge
  • Two-room apartments
Deposit €195:
  • Bizouquet/Kids 7 pers
  • Max 4 pers and Max 6 pers
  • Raoul/Jasmijn 4 pers and Raoul/Jasmijn 6 pers
  • Family (1 bathroom, 4 bedrooms)
  • Farés
  • Amnésia 6 pers and Amnesia 8 pers (mobile home + cabin included)
  • Falabraque 6 pers en Falabraque 8 pers (mobile home + cabin included)
  • Three-room apartments
Deposit €230: Super Family (2 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms)
Deposit €290 : Tribu/Tribu Bizouquet/Tribu Kids
Deposit €325: Maison/House/Villa/Apartments from 60m²
Deposit €390: Maison/House/Villa/Apartments from 150m²
You can have the final cleaning done by the campsite. The costs for this depend on the type of accommodation, see the FAQ on our website or ask at the reception of the campsite. If you have the final cleaning done by the campsite, you still have to empty the fridge, throw away other food or products you do not take home, do the dishes, fold blankets/duvets and take out the trash.

 3. Other deposits :

Some campsites also ask for a deposit for the (Top Presta) pitches or other things such as the barrier badge, the rental of a barbecue or bicycle, etc. Ask the campsite for more information.

Our accommodations and services

Taking into account the diversity of the accommodation range of Capfun, differences exist in the configuration, age and decoration of the rentals. We remind to you that any request for a specific location is an additional service and does not constitute a contractual guarantee.
In addition, any urgent work undertaken by the campsite or public authorities and that could inconvenience our customers on our campsites, cannot be held against us.
Please note: before and after the summer period, some shops might be closed and some activities might be not available (contact the campsite for more information).

Arrivals and departures

The rented accommodations are available from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. The departure takes place before 10 a.m. or 12 p.m, depending on the campsite or residence. The pitches are available from 2 p.m. and must be free before 12 p.m. Inform the campsite when you plan an early arrival or departure. The pitches and accommodations are assigned based on availability and the assigned place can change at any moment until arrival.
In case of a no show on the day of arrival and without notice 24 hours in advance, written or per telephone, Capfun reserves the right to re-let the accommodation again.

After sales service

We cannot be held responsible for unforeseen events, cases of force majeure, climate catastrophes, or legal or administrative decisions that would interrupt, stop or prevent the stay and the entertainment on the campsite (excluding COVID, see below).
All other comments or complaints regarding your stay must be received within 10 days after the last day of your stay by registered letter at our headquarters. Our customer service will do their best to answer to your complaint within three months of receipt.
If no satisfactory response has been received within 3 months, the customer can turn to the médiateur SAS MEDIATION – 222 Chemin de la Bergerie – 01800 St Jean de Niost – 0033 (0)
Jurisdiction clause: The referral of a jurisdiction by one of the parties is done in accordance with the provisions of Articles 46 and 48 of the Code of Civil Procedure.


In the event of full or partial closure of the establishment (due to a measure leading to a complete or partial ban on the reception of the public, insofar as the customer belongs to this category of public) decided by the authorities, and which are not attributable to the service provider, payments made by the customer will be refunded or converted into a voucher.
If you or one of the fellow travelers have COVID-19 on the dates of your holiday, you will receive a refund upon presentation of a (real) medical certificate.

Cancellation of the stay

In the event of cancellation before arrival, interruption of stay or postponed arrival regardless of the cause, illness, accident or unforeseen event, the guest will be required to pay the entirety of the reservation and no refund will be granted.

However, if you opt for the Cancellation Insurance, you are guaranteed :

- refund of the amounts already paid, with the exception of booking fees and cancellation guarantee.
- refund pro rata if you have to leave your accommodation before the booked departure date, with the exception of booking fees, cancellation guarantee and cleaning costs.
The guarantee applies if the impediment relates to the customer, his or her partner, the persons mentioned on the rental contract, the (grand) parents or descendants of the customer or the (grand) parents or descendants of his or her partner, and only caused by one of the following causes:
- death, an illness that was not known at the time of signing the rental agreement or an accident that occurs after the signing.
- death of brothers, sisters, sons-in-law or daughters-in-law of the insured.
- an administrative summon, judiciary, military as well as a criminal jury trial.
- an impediment due to layoff, a transfer of the insured or his partner, or by bankruptcy of the company that is operated by the insured.
In the event of illness or accident the guarantee only pays out upon presentation of a real medical certificate (dated less than one month before the arrival date).
The campsite must be notified IN WRITING for every cancellation. In order to use the cancellation insurance please inform the site about the motive of cancellation 24 hours before the day of arrival.
From the day of cancellation, you have ten days to send us proof (medical certificate, death certificate, employer's certificate).

Rules and regulations

Each campsite has its own rules and regulations that are displayed at the reception. As a client you must comply with these regulations.
Please note: pets are not allowed on some of our campsites. On the campsites where pets are welcome, they may only be allowed in certain accommodation types. For more information, please contact the campsite. They are prohibited everywhere around the swimming pools, sanitary facilities and restaurants. If dogs are allowed, they must be kept on a lead at all times. Vaccination records may be requested at any moment. Maximum 1 pet allowed per accommodation. Dogs in the first or second category are not allowed.
Additional tents, vehicles or persons are not allowed without permission from the campsite. It is not allowed to charge electric or hybrid vehicles on our campsites. Due to safety and insurance reasons, the number of people staying in an accommodation may not exceed the maximum capacity of the accommodation (babies also count as a person). If the number of people exceeds the capacity, then the campsite has the right to refuse access to the accommodation.
On some campsites barbecues are prohibited. Contact the campsite for more information. Any additional electrical equipment must be approved in advance by the campsite. Parents are responsible for their children on the campsite and the children must be supervised.

The water park

In the swimming pools at the campsites in France and Belgium, it is mandatory to wear tight swimming trunks. Clothing, all-covering swimsuits and swimming shorts are prohibited for hygienic reasons. Wearing the camping bracelet is mandatory on all campsites.
Because we want to make sure that you are aware of the possible dangers, we ask you to sign a statement on arrival in which you agree with the water park regulations.
Due to hygiene rules, young children are required to wear swim diapers. Children who cannot swim are REQUIRED to wear inflatable armbands.
Some slides have specific conditions of use, this is the case for the Spacebowl, Tsunami, Twister, Racer, Crazy Cone, Magic Cone and the slides where you use and inflatable boat or tire to slide. For more information contact the campsite.
Day guests in France, Spain and Belgium are not allowed to access the water park due to insurance reasons. The site may occasionally have to close a slide or swimming pool in the event of unforeseen technical problems which could lead to safety or hygiene issues. Access to the water park is strictly prohibited outside opening hours.
Rental insurance
Tenants are obliged to take out insurance with an insurance company against the risks associated with their stay, namely: accidents, theft, loss or damage to personal belongings (suitcases, objects, furniture, valuables, vehicles, bicycles, etc.), or damage the rented accommodation and furniture and also destruction caused to the campsite, by the tenant himself or by fellow travelers. Customers must be able to provide proof of their insurance if requested.
If a bicycle is rented or loaned, the customers are obliged to take out insurance against theft, loss or damage. Theft of bicycles or other personal belongings is not covered by the camping insurance. For this reason you are obliged to take out insurance yourself.

Withdrawal period

According to article L221-28 of the French consumer law, you do not have a right of withdrawal.

Important note

No brochure or website can be free of any clerical or typographical errors. Our prices are subject to change depending on economic and commercial conditions. The price stated on the rental agreement is binding.


Personal data and General Data Protection Regulation

The protection of your personal data is important to us and we strictly respect the applicable legislation.
The company CAPFUN, the residences and campsites affiliated with Capfun are responsible for data processing and manage all information with the utmost care and confidentiality.
Our data protection officer can be contacted at This e-mail address can be used for questions about data collection on and all Capfun campsites.

Which data is collected?

On, by phone or on the website of the campsite:
When you make a booking on, via our call center, on the website of a campsite or by telephone at a campsite, we collect the following personal data:
• First and last name (of the main booker and the fellow travelers)
• Date of birth (of the main booker and the fellow travelers)
• E-mail address (of the main booker)
• Address (of the main booker, optional)
• Telephone number (of the main booker)
For Spanish campsites and in accordance with the legislation: proof of identity (passport or identity card)
Satisfaction survey - we will send you a questionnaire after your stay
The reviews of our guests are very important to us and allow us to improve. After your stay, we will therefore send you three requests by e-mail to answer a satisfaction questionnaire.
If you fill out the survey, we will keep your review for 5 years. This review can be consulted by Capfun's customer service and management teams.
It is posted anonymously on our website and possibly on the campsite’s website. Your e-mail address or your last name is not shown. When entering your review, you have the option to indicate that you do not want your review to appear on our website. In that case, your review will not be made public.
On your Clix account and in our systems, we store the history of your stays over the last 5 years and the satisfaction surveys you have completed following your holidays over the past 5 years.
At or when you apply one of our campsites or residences :
On our site you can apply at one of our campsites, residences or at our head office. In this context, we collect the following information:
  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • Resumé
  • Motivation letter
This information can be consulted by the campsite management teams and Capfun's HR department. The information will be deleted after 18 months.

Information we do not store:

All your payment details (credit card numbers) are not stored on our servers, but with our bank partner. Capfun employees do not have access to this information.


Capfun has an appropriate policy and has taken the technical organizational measures to store and protect your personal data against unlawful or unauthorized access, accidental loss or destruction, damage, unauthorized use and unlawful disclosure.
In all cases, the user is advised that any data transmission over the Internet is not completely secure and as such is carried out at your own risk. While we do our best to protect your personal information, Capfun cannot guarantee the security of personal information transmitted through our website.

Password policy

Because a password is sensitive information and no computer system is inviolable despite best efforts, we have chosen to generate a secure password for you when creating your Clix account. It will only be sent to you by email.
Have you lost your password? We will create a new one for you (on this page: and then send it to you by email.
We do not want to store your self-created passwords on our servers. That way, potential hackers in an attack will not have access to a password that you may use elsewhere (email, facebook, etc).

Information we collect automatically

When you browse the site, in strict accordance with current legislation and your rights, data related to your browsing and interactions with our website.
This information is collected using cookies or other similar technologies such as web beacons, pixels and mobile device identifiers.

How we use this information

We use your data to manage your booking, to send you offers or to send you information about your upcoming or past stay.
We may transfer your email address to our Verified Reviews partners and TrustPilot so that, if you wish to contribute, they can collect your feedback on your customer experience when using the website.
Where permitted by law, we may share your email with social networks such as Facebook, Google or Instagram as part of our marketing promotion.
Your data will not be transferred outside the European Union. You can consult them at any time on your personal Clix account.

How long do we keep your data

We do not store your data longer than is necessary to provide our services or within the legally prescribed limits. Your personal data will be deleted at the end of this period. We cannot delete your data in case of a legal retention obligation, for example if this is prescribed by accounting law or if there is a legal reason for keeping the data, for example an ongoing contractual relationship.
Data from customers who have been on holiday with Capfun or on a campsite purchased by Capfun are kept for ten years if there has been at least one stay with Capfun in the last five years. If you have not been a customer with us in the past five years, your data will be deleted.
We can delete your data at your request. Send an email to or to our PO box address: Capfun, 73 Parc de l'Argile, 06130 Mouans Sartoux.

Cookies on the Capfun website

We use cookies or other similar technologies, such as web beacons, pixels, and mobile device identifiers. We may also allow our business partners to use these tracking technologies on our website:
• Cookies related to identification in the personal Clix account
• Cookies in the "shopping cart"
• Cookies for analysis of audiences uses cookies to provide you with the best possible service. By continuing to browse the site, you accept its use to make you suitable offers.

Why does Capfun use cookies?

Capfun uses cookies to offer you an optimal user experience and adapted to your personal preferences. By using cookies, Capfun ensures that you do not have to enter the same information while surfing the internet. Cookies are also used to optimize site performance.
Capfun has taken all technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data and to protect you against possible loss of information or any form of unlawful processing.

What are your rights?

You have the right to delete or change your data at any time. Either on your Clix account, or by sending us an email at
With regard to your personal data:
• Correcting and removing this (right to be forgotten).
• The right to object to the processing of your data.
• The right to withdraw your consent or restrict the use of your information.
If you feel that your rights are not being respected, you can submit a complaint to our data protection officer (DPO): or DPO CAPFUN, 73 Parc de l'Agile, 06130 Mouans Sartoux.
If, following your complaint to our DPO, you believe that your rights have still not been respected, you can lodge a complaint with the competent data protection authority, namely the CNIL:

Image rights

The customer gives Capfun expressly and free of charge permission to photograph or film him during his stay and to use the photos, videos or sounds on any media for a period of five years. This authorization also applies to all persons staying with the customer. The goal is to promote Capfun.
If you do not want us to distribute your photos in any way, please let our campsite manager know upon your arrival. If, despite everything and unintentionally, a photo of you or one of your travel companions appears on one of our commercial media, a simple e-mail to will suffice to have that photo or video removed.

Change of Legal Notices

Capfun may change its legal notices at any time, in particular if the applicable legislation changes. Each change will be posted on the website or notified to you by email.
In accordance with Law 2014-344 of March 17, 2014, you can oppose recruitment by telephone by subscribing to the BLOCTEL list (

Accommodation Capfun

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The logos, images and brands on this site are the property of their respective owners.
This site may, without his knowledge, be linked to other sites by means of hyperlinks. The capfun company declines all responsibility for the information presented on these other sites.
The internet user acknowledges that the use of this site is subject to French law.

Intellectual property

Access to our site gives you the right to private and non-exclusive use of this site.
All elements published on our sites, including in particular texts, photos, computer graphics, logos, brands, etc., are works within the meaning of the Intellectual Property Code.
Consequently, any representation or reproduction, in whole or in part, that could be made without the permission of the authors or their beneficiaries is illegal.

How can I disable cookies?

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The configuration of each browser is different for the management of cookies and your choices. It is described in the help menu of your browser so that you will know how to change your cookie preferences.

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