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Capfun, camping holidays in France

Here is the list of French camping holidays in Alsace

Holiday Park Fort Falabraque

Alsace -
Holiday Park Fort Falabraque, Holiday Park Alsace

Mini Habana Duo Top TV 3 persons
£ 251,75 per week
Holiday Park Suzel

Alsace - Haut Rhin
Holiday Park Suzel, Holiday Park Alsace

Bizouquet Top Presta 5 persons
£ 447,37 per week

In the heart of Alsace just 30km from the German border. Located 10km from Colmar, 30 km from the castle of Haut-Koeigsbourg and 35km from Mulhouse.

Holiday Park Au Clair Ruisseau

Alsace -
Holiday Park Au Clair Ruisseau, Holiday Park Alsace

Chalet view Etang 4 Person(s)
£ 337,72 per week
Holiday Park Lac d'Erstein

Alsace -
Holiday Park Lac d'Erstein, Holiday Park Alsace

Moussaillon Top TV 5 Person(s)
£ 368,42 per week

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