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Mobil Home bizouquet

Before you read the description of the accommodation, we would like to introduce Bizouquet to you.
Bizouquet is 6 years old and is a real rascal. He is running all the time, rolls around on the floor, jumps on everything, hides, touches everything ... in short he makes us…. crazy! Well, especially his father and mother ... and his sisters, Bichette who is 1 year old and Carabouille who is 7 years old.
In order not to not go COMPLETELY INSANELY MAD (you know, that moment when Dad desperately calls out: "Enough! Stop annoying your little sister! BIZOUQUET, TIME OUT!!!!") we decided to create accommodation that is completely adapted to him and his little sister!
Mobile Home : Kids 4/5 persons

The layout and appearance may vary depending on the model.The description applies to all models.
Number of people :
Number of bedrooms :
Surface area :
28 m²

Outside :
 - Garden furniture
 - Covered Terrace
Kitchen : 
 - Kettle
 - Coffee machine
 - Dishwasher
 - Microwave
 - Hob
 - Fridge - freezer
 - Kitchenware

Bedroom :
 - 1 bedroom: 1 double bed
 - 1 Bedroom with 3 single beds
 - duvets
 - Pillows
 - Shower
 - Washbasin
 - WC
Included Services :
 - TV
(bedroom with 3x 1 single beds are only for children)

The Kids mobile home consists of:
• A colorful playroom with games (of course) and TV!
• A spacious bathroom so that the baby bath can be used and there is still room for mom or dad
• A changing table
• A secured terrace, so that Bizouquet cannot run away the second mom and dad are not paying attention 😉
• Secure plugs

If this does not calm all the little rascals out there a little ... then we give up! 😉