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Imbours : Hôtel
Rhone Alpes holiday resorts
2 water parks
Heated water slide
Entertainment all year round
Baby club (3 mths - 3 y.o)
From 47 euros per night

Discover the Ardèche, spectacular campsite with two incredible waterparks!

The 1-star hotel is located on the bottom of the Domaine d'Imbours, 100m from the largest water park of the campsite!

Imbours has 2 large water parks with pools, sensational water slides and wading pools with water games that will satisfy young and old.


The site is located in Ardèche, near historic and natural sites such as the famous Pont d'Arc and the Chauvet cave, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site! Discover the rich cultural and natural heritage, and treat yourself to a descent in the Ardèche Gorges or a walk in the many picturesque villages such as Vallon Pont d'Arc and Saint Montan!

We offer rooms with simple comfort, from 2 to 4 people, equipped with telephone and TV.


Half board and B&B
From To (incl) Price B&B Chambre standard
Price Half board  Chambre Standard  Price B&B Chambre Supérieure Price Half board Chambre Supérieure 
19/04 12/05 37€ 49€ 42€ 54€
13/05 05/07 42€ 54€ 47€ 59€
06/07 02/08 51€ 63€ 57€ 69€
02/08 23/08 62€ 74€ 69€ 81€


41€ 53€ 46€ 58€


Prices include:

Buffet breakfast (sweet / savoury) and dinner: entry (buffet or from the menu) + main course (choice of two dishes and child dishes) + dessert (buffet or from the menu) + access to the water park and children's clubs.

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fun dose du camping

People have different expectations when it comes to their holidays. Some prefer quiet holidays, being with family and tranquility. Others prefer sports and partying.

With the Fun Dose you can choose the right campsite for the whole family. There are 4 different entertainment levels: green, blue, purple and red. The fuller the bottle, the more entertainment there is! If the bottle is green, or only half full, then there is little animation on the site. If the bottle is red, or nearly full, there is plenty of entertainment on the site.

No matter the level of the Fun Dose, the mini-clubs and participation in all animation is free!


On this campsite the Fun Dose is red. This means there is a lot of entertainment!

From the 1st of July until 1st of September we offer the following (only in French):

The Clapou Club (4-6 years old) and Policator Club (7-10 years old) welcome children from Monday until Friday, from 10am until 12pm and from 3pm until 5.30pm. 
The Dragonicums (11-14 years old) and the Nobodys (15-18 years old) meet up four times a week.

We offer evening entertainment 5 nights a week, 4 animators, aqua gym every morning and an almost non-stop super fun day and evening program until midnight!

Do you know our little Carabouille fairy ?
She is the one who builds incredible playgrounds for your children. Those playgrounds are unique and only exist on the Capfun campsites!
Your children are going to LOVE IT !
Hereunder you can see the picture of the playground on this campsite Imbours : Hôtel :
coup de coeur Our favourites
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Habana 4 pers
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Dune Fleurie - Somme

Habana Top TV 4 pers
from 20/10 to 27/10/2019
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Falaises - Calvados (14)

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